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  • Abco Kovex We are a leading importer and distributor of packaging materials and machinery in the UK
  • Desiccant-products Now stocking In Box and Container Desiccant Products
  • Packaging Distribution Service Distributing packaging products efficiently throughout the UK and Ireland
  • Bubble Protective Products Manufacturing over 1,000 tonnes of bubble per year for industries across the UK and Ireland
  • Lantech Stretch Wrapping Machines Offering a comprehensive range of fully automatic, semi-automatic, orbital and ring wrappers
  • Stratos™ Stretch Film - Next Generation Film A revolutionary US manufactured patented Stretch Film, 9 micron and 11.4 micron thickness and can be stretched by up to 300%
  • Edge Board Protection Manufactured from recycled board, our range of Edgeboard protection products are supplied cut to length
  • Packaging Supplies Manufacturers and distributors of a wide range of quality and custom packaging products for all your needs
Abco Kovex packaging

About Abco Kovex

Abco Kovex are a leading European importer and distributor of packaging materials and machinery in the UK. Our goal is to provide complete packaging solutions to industry, whilst building long term relationships. Our aim is to reduce the amount of packaging material you require in order to pack, ship and protect your products successfully.

By introducing new materials, pack configurations and automation when possible our team will provide a cost effective and efficient solution to your requirements, whilst reducing your company's carbon footprint. Continue >>


Buuble wrap products manufactured in Dublin

Bubble Protection Products

Abco Kovex manufacture and stock a wide range of Bubble Wrap and Bubble Protection Products. Click here to view all our bubble products.
Veeboard Edge protecters manufactured in the UK

Edge Board Protection

Manufactured from recyclable board, our range of Veeboard are supplied cut to length. Click here to view all our Edge protection products.
Abco Kovex packaging