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CTT 200

Power Pre Stretch Machine Capable of stretching Pallet Wrap up to 400%.

The Cyklop CTT300 is a High End Pallet Wrapper capable of Stretch Wrapping up to 35 Loads per hour. It can handle pallets of various sizes and shapes. The CTT300 comes with a Colour Touch screen which allows up to 9 pre-set programmes to be used. Programme settings can be changed and saved using a Password, thus ensuring consistent load containment.

  • 3 Year warranty
  • 400% Stretch
  • Multiple settings can be saved
  • Cost per Pallet wrapped can be displayed
  • Brand Name components
  • Weighing Scales Option
  • Larger Turntables and Extended Heights Available
  • Swedish Build Quality
  • Can be Floor Mounted

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Prestretch: Up to 400% with Power Echo Stretch

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Easy to Operate

  • Controls are easy to find and understand
  • Film roll change fast and simple
  • Automatic load height sensor
  • No air supply needed

Saves Money

  • Pre-stretch ratio is now adjustable up to 400%. Patent approved system, power Echo StretchPlus
  • The chosen prestretch ratio stays constant, which guarantees a consistent low film, consumption, load after load
  • Film carriage speed is individually adjustable to minimize film overlap
  • Motorized prestretch device minimises film consumption and protects delicate goods.

Consistent Packaging Result

  • Flexible setting possibilities enable optimum packaging for a
    variety of goods
  • The film tension is automatically controlled which gives an even cover around the goods
  • Several standard programs are available, e g with top sheet for protection against water
  • 3 programs are factory preset
  • The memory can contain 9 programs, which all can be programmed with individual parameters

Key Features

  • Floor mounted model
  • Easy change of all program parameters and settingsel
  • 9 individual programs can be stored and each program can be named
  • Quiet operation
  • All functions of the CTT 200 can be manually operated such as film patterns and film tensions
  • Extremely rigid chassis
  • Unlimited load weight capacity


  • Film consumption for the last pallet
  • Total number of wrapped pallets after latest reset
  • Film cost per pallet

Touch display with advanced functions

  • The graphic interface is developed for simple change of the program parameters as well as for easy access of information. Viewing of amount of film used and the price per pallets wrapped

Equipped with a simple prestretch unit with fixed pre-stretch ratio of 30% and possibility to manually adjust the film tension during production. The machine is easy to operate with clear and easy push button/turn knob system. Film amount is run manually over the display. Possibility for variation of film pattern. Easy to change film roll. Notch for forklift on bottom unit.


Table Diameter 1650mm
Speed Up to 12rpm adjustable
Start / Stop Frequency controlled
Bottom / Top Wraps programs 1-7 (Program 3, 2-14)
Film Tension Adjustable friction brake
Stretch Wrapping Programs 5 standard
Controller PLC

Supply Single phase 240V 50Hz
Protection IP54
Loading 10A

Max Size (length x width) 1200 x 1000mm
Max Goods height inc Pallet 2200mm
Permitted Load weight 2000kg

Stretch Film
Core diameter 76mm
Outer diameter (max) 250mm
Film width, max 500mm
Film thickness 9-35mm

3 Year. Unlimited cycles.
All components covered.