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Edge Board Protection

Our range of Veeboard edge board protection products come
from a recycled board in our UK facility and are supplied cut to length.


Our Veeboard edge board manufacturing facility in the UK uses 100% recycled paper. Also, this product offers a cost effective solution to conventional transit and storage issues. Moreover, the Veeboard brand (registered trademark) gives confidence in quality, consistency and value by laminating multiple plies of recycled paper together with a water based environmentally friendly glue. Furthermore, edge protectors made from 100% recycled paper can be recycled at their final destination with other paper waste, collected or re-used.


Stop Complaints, Claims and Lost Orders

Our edge board protection is a highly efficient and low-cost way of protecting your products during storage and transit. Thus, this happens by preventing damage to vulnerable edges that can result in costly rejections linked to pallet movement or even collapse. Our right angle boards actively help to avoid pallet rejections, customer complaints, reduce claims and prevent lost orders.

Better Protection and Improved Image

Veeboard can be printed with part numbers, customer logos and phone/email addresses, further adding to presentation and marketing aspects. Also, we can offer a PE coated water resistant finish that offers increased strength and security in damp conditions. Thus, industries it suits, such as the fruit and vegetable market, garden centres and greenhouses.

UK Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper Types

Ideal for Stacking and Stretch wrap systems

Our corner boards make pallets more rigid for stacking also and are perfectly suited to use in conjunction with semi-automated wrap systems as they enable a tighter wrap / higher tension force to be applied and reduces the risk of pallet wrap tear at vulnerable corners. This in turn helps the reduction in use of stretch film, particularly when used in conjunction with a high performance stretch film from our AK300 range.

Secure, Reliable Loading

Veeboard TM edge board provides stability to pallet loads whilst also protecting the vulnerable corners to knocks or crushing. Also eliminates the risk of loads shifting. Veeboard TM edge protectors can be made in various different sizes & thickness’s and are made to length to ensure the solution is tailored to suit.

Edge board Spending Reduces Cost made by Abco Kovex and branded as veeboard

Wide Range of Applications

Used by leading multi-national companies year after year, Veeboard edge protectors help stabilise loads and ensure the integrity of the pallet & its contents is un-affected.


Market Leading Performance

Manufactured in the UK from recycled materials, our edge board can cost you far less than most types of edge protection. With a wide choice of sizes and finishes, a range of strengths and highly flexible production facilities, our edge board is a widely acknowledged market leader in UK edge protection.

Flexible, Fast, Response Service

Edge board cardboard protectors offer an outstanding service to all its customers. The company has the flexibility and raw materials to manufacture substantial quantities of most products at short notice – and still offer highly competitive prices. We are also happy to discuss and develop specialist edge protection products to your specification.

Reliable Delivery and Keen Prices

We understand that the commercial pressures on manufacturers demand outstanding responses from suppliers, which is why Abco Kovex offers fast delivery of all its edge protection products across the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Edge Board is usually supplied in cut lengths up to 6 metres to suit customer requirements. Strapped in bundles of 50, and supplied on non returnable pallets, our edge protection products stacks neatly together, taking up very little storage space. We can also supply cardboard edge protection products custom made for your particular application. This labour saving option gives quicker, easier assembly, eliminates waste and gives improved protection.

  • Edge board Spending Reduces Cost made by Abco Kovex and branded as veeboard
  • Veeboard Edgeboard Protectors manufactured in the UK

Cardboard Edge Protection

  • A wide variety of Veeboard sizes available
  • From 25mm x 25mm to 100mm x 100mm
  • Thickness from 1.5mm up to 6mm
  • Length from 50mm to 4000mm
  • We can customise the edge board to suit your packaging needs
  • Customised printing available on all Veeboard Products
  • Offset angles available

Cardboard Edge Protection Product Range

Edge Board Protection and Sanstrap


Veeboard TM Carboard Edge Protection

  • Available in different sizes and thickness
  • Lengths from 50mm to 4000mm
  • PE Coated  water resistant available
  • Available also in offset angles