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Stratos™ Stretch Film is ideal for Turntable, Rotary Arm & Ring wrapping systems. Whether Fully or Semi-Automated machines Stratos™ Stretch Wrap film offers the most competitive & consistent way to lock your load when palletising.  Available in 9mu -20mu & 250mm -1000mm.

Stratos™ Stretch Film

Next Generation Film – Sophisticated Films Doing More with Less

Abco Kovex Ltd are the European Agents for Stratos™ the global leading Hi Performance Low Gauge stretch film. Our team of technical representative’s area available to come to site, assess, qualify & demonstrate the significant savings available to your organisation.

Stratos™ Stretch Film is a unique multi-polymer, multi layered extruded stretch wrap. Available in 9mu, 11mu, 15mu, 17mu, 20mu & in various widths 250mm, 500mm, 750mm, 1000mm.  Sold net film weight only we do not charge for secondary packaging such as cardboard core, which can equate from 8 to 25% of overall cost of other films. Stratos TM stretch wrap is sold on performance / demonstration & must be seen to be believed. Each wrapping line is assessed, packs scrutinized, and results recorded. Film performance/Load containment witnessed, confirmed & costed. Nothing is left to chance, before a detailed report is prepared for your Packaging/ Production/Procurement Teams. Enjoy the significant savings available to your organisation both yield & cost. 

  • Stratos™ stretch film doing more with less
  • Now Available in Tinted & Bloc colours
  • Stretch Film Savings
  • High Performance Stretch Wrap

Stratos™ will lighten the load with the next evolution in Stretch Films, designed with an even greater focus on source reduction. Perfect for high volume applications, this technologically advanced film will pioneer the way into the future of packaging.

Stratos™ Stretch Films are available in machine and hand-applied formats,
all providing an efficient and cost effective solution
stratos stretch films in UK

Stratos™ stretch film per pallet wrapped the most efficient stretch film on the market for uniform and semi-regular loads in high volume applications. Stratos™ uses up to 30% less film to achieve the ultimate in performance, resulting in significant cost savings to users.

Offering significant advantages over conventional material