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Container Lashings

The one-way lashing system provides a strong, shock absorbent method to secure cargo during transport. System supplied carry the GERMANISCHER LLOYD Certification. ABLASH is a load securing lashing system providing a strong, shock absorbent method of securing cargo during transportation.

PRODUCT Size/Length/Colour Strength
DS095 30mm x 250m white 2,000daN
DS105 32mm x 250m white 2,300daN
DS150 38mm x 200m white 3,500daN
DS200 40mm x 2o0m orange 5,000daN

Ablash Buckles

32mm Plate 250 pieces
32mm Forged 80 pieces
40mm Forged 50 pieces

Ablash Tools

  • Heavy Duty ABLASH Tensioner
  • 25mm – 40mm