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XF 172 M Series

Our fully automatic horizontal strapping machine  require limited floor space and can be fully integrated into a production line. When the product is in position  the strapping cycle is automatically activated. The strapping chute comes into position, horizontally applying the strapping around the product with optimal tension. This process is repeated by preselecting the number of straps required.

  • Compact – occupies minimum floor space
  • Different chute/arch sizes available
  • Patented tension system
  • Controlled by a Siemens PLC
  • Easy access to the strapping head system
  • Easily integrated to existing production lines



XF 172-M Series Function

  • The load is put into the required strapping position and the strapping cycle is automatically activated
  • The lift with the strap chute and strapping head moves into the pre-selected position (teach-in)
  • The strapping head moves onto the package and the strap in the chute is horizontally guided with optimal tension around the load, welded and cut off
  • The process is repeated depending on the number of straps per load


  • The strapping head driving device (500 mm) and the strap tensioning equaliser are standard.This increases the holding force on the load.
  • The strap holding device across from the strapping head ensures that even with greater distances, the strap will always be fitted precisely around the load
  • The exact strapping height can be achieved with the “teach-in” software

Main Specifications

  • Conveyor height: Min. 300 mm
  • Strap chute according to the principle of the raster technique, suitable for: Loads (L x W): 800 x 900 mm up to 1,400 x 1,400 mm
  • Machine height: 3,700 mm
  • Through-put height: Max. 2,320 mm
  • Package height: Min. 60 mm
  • Strapping height: Min. 45 mm (345 mm incl. Conveyor)
  • Fully electrically driven. No pneumatics required